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We have BRP Guns in stock ready for transfer. Including the STG1928

Stemple Thompson and the STG U45/U9 machinegun kits.  

Check them out at www.brpguns.com see the adds in Firearms News.



NFA Inventory



We Currently have 3 - U45/U9 Kits in stock available for transfer. We can order any of the other fine BRP Products or facilitate the Transfer of Purchases directly from BRP. We help you do the paperwork and guide you through the whole process. Call us for a Demo. Serious inquiries only please.

This Item in Stock ready for transfer!

Kit includes: Extra Threaded barrel, 50 Rd. Drum Mag., 30 Rd. Stick Mag., Multi-tool set, Mounting rails, Case and Owners/users manual. Full Auto only.

                             MSRP $12,700.00 



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