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We are proud to offer Ohio Concealed Handgun Carry training. Our instructor is a Certified NRA pistol instructor and  we teach a course based around  NRA Basic pistol course and legal issues as out lined in the Ohio Attorney General CCW handbook. This is an 8 Hour class and starts at 8:00am and goes till 4:30pm. We offer a free lunch. We have an outdoor range and offer ammo purchase and gun rental thru our company store. You will receive a Certificate of completion from us that can be presented at your County Sheriffs Office in Ohio to apply for your Concealed handgun carry license. Classes are forming weekly. Our Fee is $100.00 and we ask for the full amount for a deposit 7 days prior to Class.  Veterans, First Responders and couples will receive a 10% discount. We accept MC/VISA over the phone only. Please do not email that information. We also accept personal checks. Mail to address below.

Contact information:

J.R. Stemple & Co. Arms LLC,  10682 Camp Ohio Rd.  Utica, Ohio 43080

Phone: 740-745-5321      Email:  mike@jrstemplearms.com

We are currently scheduling classes for July, August and beyond.  Our next scheduled class opening will be for this Saturday July 27th.  Please call to find more available dates. We can schedule a class for most dates for a group of 6 or more and offer a 15% discount for a group of 8 or more. If you have any questions regarding the classes please feel free to call.  This course has 6 hours of course work and 2 hours of live fire exercise. During the course work we will cover the Attorney's general hand book and application for a CHL and an in-depth look at other subjects pertaining to pistol ownership and shooting.

Please call for more information.




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